About Us

Ponaman Healthcare Consulting (Ponaman) is comprised of consultants, analysts, administrators and an extended team of medical specialists who are passionate about helping safety net health care organizations provide quality care to underserved patient populations.

Over the years, Ponaman has transformed to meet the greatest needs of public sector health care organizations, including preparing for and implementing 340B pharmacy and other government programs.The Ponaman team also provides forward-thinking solutions to clients. By analyzing data gathered from hospitals that were involved in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) audits and by participating in the assessments, Ponaman was able to develop templates to prepare clients for all aspects of the HRSA audit. We consider the unique goals of each of our clients, analyze their process and infrastructure, and research the existing government programs to find solutions that work for them.

Scott Ponaman, MSHA


Judith Mello, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Sandi Einbinder

Sr. Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Julia Davis, ACE

Vice President

Jan Jennings

Chief Administrative Officer

Patrick Kwon

Associate Consultant

Chris Lishko, MBA, ACE

Vice President

Danielle Mathers

Vice President

Melissa Mollica

Administrative Specialist

Amber Roelofs, Esq.

Vice President & General Counsel

Gayathri Padmaa Sankaranarayanan

Associate Consultant

Jason Stauffer

Associate Consultant