Program Assessment

Ponaman Healthcare Consulting (PHC) is experienced in assessing clinical environments to help organizations qualify for program inclusion, ensure compliance and help clients meet efficiency and revenue objectives.

In order to identify your current status and potential opportunities as a 340B entity, the following processes are undertaken:

  • Conduct regulatory assessment of the State Medicaid agency’s 340B policies and regulations; current status of the covered entity’s 340B registration for completeness and accuracy; Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) exclusion compliance; and, state pharmacy regulation potential impact.
  • Review current policies and procedures to determine the level of compliance with HRSA current expectations.
  • Undertake comprehensive assessment of the covered entity’s current and future status in terms of:
    • bed status
    • licensure
    • eligible current outpatient services
    • planned outpatient service expansions
    • employee health benefit strategy
    • relationships between the covered entity and the providers
    • 340B outpatient program benefit achievement in high valued areas such as chemo therapy, other infusions, contrast agents, anesthesia gas, etc.
  • Perform quantitative analysis of:
    • 340B outpatient purchasing opportunity
    • expected versus actual 340B outpatient savings performance for current participating entities
    • 340B retail pharmacy opportunities including revenue, onsite versus contract strategies, and employee integration
    • the quantified impact of the uninsured and Medicaid population on retail pharmacy cost savings and revenue opportunities

In addition to customizing our approach to address each of our client’s unique needs, PHC develops a comprehensive assessment report to highlight the greatest benefits and strategic opportunities. PHC’s report outlines findings as well as an details recommendations for optimizing the covered entity’s program. This will provide a clear direction for the next steps in development, implementation, and/or optimization, while ensuring a high level of regulatory compliance.

The PHC team will meet with key stakeholders to review the report and determine next steps to attain the client’s objectives.

When considering a new application for program benefits or looking to optimize your current program, the PHC team can support you. Your initial consultation to determine whether an assessment is necessary is free – so contact us at 480-421-9965 or info @ to see how we can help you.

  • Scott’s expertise has helped us consistently achieve positive results, including cost savings and the possibility of improved or expanded health care for the public.

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