Safety Net Program Development

Safety net providers are defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) as “providers that by mandate or mission organize and deliver a significant level of health care and other health-related services to the uninsured, Medicaid, and other vulnerable patients.” Safety net providers have a mission to serve the neediest of patients; however, the lack of financial resources can make this a challenge.

Ponaman Healthcare Consulting (Ponaman) specializes in developing customized sustainable solutions for new or existing safety net programs. From a comprehensive data-drive needs assessment, to the development of a “blue print” for a safety net system of care, to complete implementation, our goal is to ensure high quality, immediate access to a continuum of care that optimizes the benefits of federal, state, and local funding.

Ponaman has worked with numerous clients to implement safety net programs. Benefits include:

  • Better care coordination
  • Improved patient management
  • Reduced duplication of care
  • More emphasis on primary care
  • Reducing drug costs

Ponaman has been developing safety net program solutions since 2002. Specific areas of consultation include:

  • Researching and assisting in the submission of grant applications to maximize program funding.
  • Developing the work plan and necessary teams needed to build a comprehensive safety net program to include all health care delivery services.
  • Identifying all potential opportunities to maximize the efficiency and utility of the program, including enrollment in the 340B Drug Discount program, local indigent care subsidy, and revenue cycle management automation.
  • Outreach and recruitment of potential partnerships to strengthen the safety net program.
  • Program implementation and follow-on technical support.


If you are looking to develop a new safety net program, or would like to make your current programs more effective, call 480-421-9965 for a complimentary, initial consultation.

  • Ponaman Healthcare Consulting provides outstanding 340B consulting services with exceptional results. Successful outcomes do NOT usually happen by accident.
    Steven T. Ciampa

    Chief Financial Officer
    Porter Medical Center